May 2016

The DIY Music Scene


Words by Diana Campeggio. Portraits by Kate McCann.

With Step Sing, Song Mistresses, and a long tradition of a cappella groups, music has played an integral role in the Bryn Mawr experience. Add to that a penchant for critical thinking, extensive time spent honing writing skills, and a diverse cultural environment, it’s no wonder that Mawrters are finding their niche in the indie music world.

As part of this issue of the Bulletin, we’ll introduce you to just a handful of Bryn Mawr alumnae who are making their own DIY-way as musicians. Below you can read about their stories, listen to their music, read professional reviews of their music, and watch their videos.

Since they are Bryn Mawr women, they are all one-of-kind. They are singer-songwriters, post-punk, and feminist rockers. They play keyboards, drums, lead guitar, bass, and harp. They’ve been playing since they were 12 years old. They didn’t start playing until they hit college. They have eight albums among them (plus a handful of EPs), some great reviews in their back pockets, and a Bryn Mawr-nurtured commitment to the music they love.

It’s not an easy way to make a living in the world they’ve chosen. Some work day jobs, some have full-time gigs, but all these young Mawrters have inspiring stories about how music—and Bryn Mawr—shaped their lives.

Hear their music, watch some videos, and see more photos.