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Where’s Your Lantern?

AlumBriefs_Lantern.PlionisElena Plionis ’08 (Light Blue) took the precautionary step of removing the glass before taking hers on a hike up Mt. Olympus.

On November 1, 2015, the College celebrated its 129th Lantern Night as first-year students received their lanterns—the symbol of Bryn Mawr’s greatest gift, the light of learning.

In four years, after the last diploma has been awarded and the last Garden Party table cleared, the new graduates pack up their books and keepsakes to move on to the next phase of life. Much of what gets packed falls away over time. Books are lent out and keepsakes find their way to Goodwill.

But the lantern? The lantern remains—sitting in the office or on the mantelpiece or hanging proudly on the front porch.

Over the past few months, the Bulletin has been asking where you keep your lantern, and in this issue we’ve reproduced some of the pictures you sent. We didn’t have room for all of them so to see the complete gallery, but we have posted an online gallery of what we’ve received so far.

And if you want your picture added to the collection, send it along, and we’ll add it to the collection!

AlumBriefs_Lantern_SchmuckerNancy Schmucker ’98 (McBride) displays her purple and blue lantern along with that of Isabelle Fleck ’37 (Green). The two became fast friends when Nancy served as Isabel’s student helper at Reunion 1997.





Ellen Kruger ’02 (Blue) and partner Katie Stutzman ’01 (Red) have given their lanterns a bookshelf home.






Version 3Senior Georgia Piatt ’16, granddaughter of Elizabeth Abernethy Jurras ’49, got a shot of her own light blue lantern next to her grandmother’s red one at her grandparents’ house.





AlumBriefs_Lantern_Gray-KleinIvy Gray-Klein ’14, M.A. ’15 (Blue) has hers perched on books about another Bryn Mawr icon.





AlumBriefs_Lantern_LuckWendy Luck ’79 (Green) keeps hers on a bookshelf in her home office—right next to that of her mother, Seta Mahakian Northrop ’50 (Blue).





Lantern_TaggartPia Taggart ’87 (Green) keeps hers on a cabinet at work but does take it out for reunions!






36_37_BRIEFS_Purple_McGonigleMaureen McGonigle ’98 (McBride) has given her purple lantern pride of place on a living room display shelf.





AlumBriefs_Lantern_NewburyWhen Elizabeth Newbury ’07 (Green) needed a model for some freehand pumpkin-carving, she turned to her lantern.





AlumBriefs_Lantern_AlexanderJulia Alexander ’96 (Light Blue) keeps hers close by, just next to her desk so she can gaze on it—and some owls—for inspiration.





AlumBriefs_Lantern_GellertLaura Gellert ’93 displays two red lanterns: hers and that of her mother, Roberta Holder Gellert ’61.











Comments on “Where’s Your Lantern?”

  1. After many repairs and a final disastrous fall off a shelf, my lantern no longer exists. I’ve inquired on campus and through emails about purchasing a replacement (with dark blue glass), but with no luck. Please, can’t anyone do anything about this? I’m sure other alumnae would also like to carry their lantern to reunions.

  2. Hi Diana — We are sorry for your frustration in obtaining a new lantern. The College’s lantern maker recently retired. He had been slowing down after some 30 years of making Bryn Mawr’s lanterns by hand; thus, the reason we don’t have a supply of replacements. The College is currently looking for a new lantern maker.

  3. Oh, no…Now I feel even worse for breaking my lantern. Holy crap.