May 2011 Articles

New Era for the Bulletin

This issue marks a new era for Bryn Mawr, the Alumnae Association and the Bulletin, as the education of women goes global and the Internet redefines our lives. It is fitting that this Spring issue of the magazine is devoted to the digital revolution. From chatting online with friends to bearing witness to revolution, we are now citizens in the borderless land of ubicomp—ubiquitous computing.

In mid-May, we are launching the online magazine— Designed by Kimberly Blessing ’97, the web edition is interactive and encourages you to comment on the articles and participate in a dialogue about the College and the alumnae community.

“Women are often early adopters of new technology,” explains Intel executive Genevieve Bell ’90 in a Q & A interview. “One of the challenges here is that all this technology is so new—less than 10 years in common circulation for the Internet. And what a surprise—we don’t know the answers yet.”

In these uncertain times, the Bulletin is evolving. We are conducting a national search for a new editor for the print and web Bulletin. Qualities needed: boldness, imagination and experience in journalism and online publishing. Meanwhile, Interim Editor Robin Parks is taking charge.

The Bulletin is the “heart and soul” of all of us who remember Lantern Night; it stands out as the independent voice for and about alumnae/i. The Bulletin and the Alumnae Association are lifelong links between alumnae and the College. As Marion Park, who led the College from 1922 to 1942 put it: “The relation of Alma Mater and Alumna is not maternal and filial, but instead the romantic bond of the fairy tale…the foster-mother to the foster-child.” The bond is visceral. “On each woman who has been here, Bryn Mawr has left some mark. Each has had an experience, brief or prolonged, deep or shallow, which is of some advantage or disadvantage to her and is ineffaceably a part of herself,” continued Park. “The sum of those experiences [is]…in a true sense, Bryn Mawr itself.”

The role of the Bulletin is to engage, in a true sense, Bryn Mawr itself!

—Abigail Trafford ’62, Guest Editor