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A New Grad School Tradition


Borrowing from its longstanding tradition of gifting each incoming undergrad with a mug in her class color, the Alumnae Association hosted a reception to present current graduate students with a mug in classic Bryn Mawr yellow. “We hope the mug serves as a constant reminder that graduate students are an integral part of our vibrant and dynamic community,” said Association President and Trustee Eileen Kavanagh ’75.

GSSWSR Dean Darlyne Bailey added, “As the beginning to our next 100 years, we are excited to announce another way that the GSSWSR is not just at Bryn Mawr College, but of Bryn Mawr College.”

Why mugs? It’s a nod to Bryn Mawr’s tradition of tea and china. In the early 1900s, each undergraduate class developed its own china pattern, and even today, department “teas” remain a mainstay for building community at the College.

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Comments on “A New Grad School Tradition”

  1. I want to apply for and to work in the area and earn my phd from your school

    in social work. How might I go about earning scholarship money to pay for it?

  2. Hi Cherie — We will forward your request for information to the admissions team for the GSSWSR. In the meantime, check out our webpages: