November 2016 Archways


Flotus Video 1The Class of 2017 has a dream—and the alumnae/i of Bryn Mawr College, can help make it come true.

They want to entice Michelle Obama—an icon of female empowerment—to speak at Commencement 2017.

In a letter to alumnae/i, class presidents Hannah Henderson-Charnow ‘17 and Priyanka Dutta ‘17 explained, “We have been asking ourselves, How do we envision change? What do we expect from ourselves and from our peers? We believe there is no one better to address this than Michelle Obama.”

How are they reaching out to FLOTUS? They’ve launched a social media campaign, complete with video and hashtag, that got 475 likes, 384 shares, and 28 comments in its first hour.

Actress Anne Hathaway added her voice to the campaign when she visited campus in November. As her limo whisked the Academy Award-winner away, she called out to a cheering crowd, “Michelle Obama, come to Bryn Mawr.”

What can you do?

Share, like, and comment on the students’ effort, and talk up the campaign on your social media channels using the #MichelleAtTheMawr hashtag.