September 2015 Archways

BMC Welcomes the Class of 2019

Move InMild temperatures and sunny skies made for a perfect move-in day for Bryn Mawr College’s class of 2019. After settling into their rooms, students spent the day getting to know each other, their deans, and staff members from offices across campus.

The 389-member undergraduate class is the largest ever to enroll at Bryn Mawr. Thirty six states, Washington, D.C, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and 36 foreign countries including Albania, Brazil, China, Cuba, France, Ghana, Haiti, India, Indonesia, Iran, Kenya, Mexico, Pakistan, The Russian Federation, Rwanda, Trinidad and Tobago, the United Kingdom, and Vietnam are represented in the class.

A cross-section of the College community welcomed new and returning students to the academic year at Convocation 2015. Professor of Russian Tim Harte, representing the faculty, cited Puskhin, Nabokov, and Game of Thrones as he reminded students to embrace the joy of learning, and GSSWSR Ph.D. Candidate Rebecca Laster M.S.S. ’97 spoke for the graduate student body. In one of the event’s highlights, President Kim Cassidy announced the naming of the new Perry as the Enid Cook ’31 Center.

A heartfelt speech by Miranda Smith ’16 provided another highlight. Often asked for advice by her younger classmates, the McBride Scholar responded: “I am here today to tell you that you do, you absolutely do, have what it takes to weather the changes coming our way. I know that you have what it takes, because I’ve already seen you do it, so many times. That change has not always been easy, it has not always been comfortable—I’ve seen us stumble, I’ve seen us fall, I’ve seen the class of 2016 bruised and hurt and confused and tired but the class of 2016 has remained steadfastly resolved in its commitment to creating the change that it wants to see in the world.”