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  1. I think the front cover of the May 2011 issue will become one of the most memorable in Alumnae Bulletin history! Brava, Suzanne and all!

  2. If the “contents’ page for the interactive Bulletin that the link in the announcement email brought up is what will be shown for each issue, it will take far longer to search through this seemingly random array of features than it would read the print edition cover to cover. On line is fine, but with a more easily comprehended table of contents — maybe even a conventional linear list, gasp! And could we have a simple sign-in for the class notes, so that the whole issue is available on line?

  3. Delighted with the Living in Beta issue of the Bulletin!

    One thing missing from the Digital at Bryn Mawr Timeline is the Alumnae Listserve community that formed in the mid-90′s, with about two hundred early adopters, the self-styled “Listerines.” Without giving away any secrets, as we are sworn not to, I believe I can safely say the group used Athena’s servers to create a vivid proto social network of alumnae years before FaceBook appeared.

    We learned the joys and thrills of rugged individuals communicating across a surprising span of generations and continents on a daily basis, so intimately as to get to know one another really well. Without much forethought, we found ourselves furthering the values we developed at “The Mothership” and supporting one another in perpetuating them in new contexts while inventing our own slang, developing mini-traditions and standing jokes at speed, sharing links and advice on everything from syntax to software to houses. Listerines have argued about everything under and beyond the sun and then some, alternately “lurking” and jumping into the conversation. We have arranged meetups at various locations, flown miles and landed up to help out, posted pictures and reposted Katharine Hepburn’s recipe for brownies and much, much more.

    Several of us appear in this issue, since all that early activity and familiarity with cyber-reality probably spurred us on to assume other roles online as well as in technology offline. Without naming names, I can say without a doubt that each Listerine will forever remain attached to “those people she met online.”

  4. an on-line version is GREENER and cheaper for the association. Please just send me the link and not the expensive glossy paper version.

  5. I love the electronic version. It’s very easy to navigate, the article synopses are perfect, and the layout is appealing, if a bit basic. You could make it a bit more modern with varying sizes of the article boxes, but that’s more programming and may not be worth the cost. But where are the Class Notes?

  6. It is great to be able to read the articles on-line and then be able to e-mail them easily to friends. Please note that President McAuliffe’s article lacked a signature or any other indication of her name. Since the Bulletin is available to any interested reader, it would be advisable to include her name.

  7. As an alum who’s not abroad, I love that the Bulletin is now online. Any plans to include the class notes, though? This would be really great!

  8. I love the online version of the Bulletin! It is so easy to scan and pick and choose the articles I want to read. I am, however, sad that I can’t access the Class Notes online. I was going to let you know that I would like to receive just the link to the digital version, but I love reading the Class Notes. If there is a secure way to allow alumnae access to the notes, that would be ideal.

  9. How does one get to Class Notes? These are very important, as they keep us up to date about everyone we knew when at Bryn Mawr. This is also true regarding the Graduate School notes that are organized by department.

    Also, it would be easier to navigate what is online with a regular, old-fashioned table of contents. I must admit, though, that the colored illustrations/photos are neat. Maybe a more linear, less random table of contents with illustrations would do the trick. If we could have class notes and obituaries, etc., online, I would be happy to receive my copy this way.

    M.A. 1966, Ph.D, 1976

  10. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to post feedback. You’ve given us some great food for thought as we continue to refine the online Bulletin!

  11. I remember reading, years back, a wonderful essay by E. B. White, titled (I think) “I Married a Bryn Mawr Girl.” I can’t find it anywhere and I assume it must have been published in the Bulletin. Could you dig it out and share it again please? Thanks, Laurie Solomon Pollock ’70

  12. Two suggestions: Can we please have a Kindle edition? It would be great! I like to highlight my Bulletins to keep up on friends’ doings and BMC info, but they take up a lot of bookshelf space. The online version is nice, but so far I have not seen a search feature.

    Second suggestion: put the comment box at the top of the page, instead of the bottom. When people are confronted with social sharing buttons immediately but have to scroll down to find the comment box, it’s a bit confusing.

  13. I love the online version and would prefer to receive it in lieu of the paper copy. Save money, save resources — allow readers to opt out of receiving the paper edition in favor of the e-edition.

  14. I appreciate the on-line version as a way to save paper, postage, etc., but I will probably let it scroll down as I am inundated by other e-mails. I could make a separate folder…, but actually it will get read at my leisure in the paper form. Each person has a way that works best for her.

  15. The online edition is obviously more green, but sometimes I like to just take my Bulletin and a glass of wine and go sit in a comfy chair and read through it – definitely a more enjoyable experience than sitting at my computer to get BMC news. I guess my vote would be to let alumnae choose from both options. Call me antediluvian……

  16. The online rendition of the magazine is terrific. Congratulations and thanks to all who had a hand in it. The disposition of class notes is a conundrum, though. The link to a squib about them is nearly invisible. And when I click to it, I find this:
    Class Notes FAQ
    For privacy and security reasons, Class Notes appear only in the printed edition of the magazine.

    I can imagine that many conversations led up to the decision not to publish class notes in the online edition. I can’t imagine that the decision will stand for long, though. Once something is “published” in whatever form, by definition it’s public and anyone curious enough can find it and take a look. I’m not aware that we’re posting intimate secrets in class notes, in any case.

    The online version would be even better if we could read the whole magazine, including class notes, online.

  17. I’m always amazed and, frankly, appalled, when I get this high-gloss, high-cost bulletin. To date, I’ve seen no “opt out” option but would, personally, MUCH prefer to get this in electronic version ONLY and save the costs of publication.
    As I consider supporting the alumni association, their wise allocations of funds will certainly be a factor in my decision making.
    Thanks for considering my point of view.
    Barb Taylor, MSS ’05

  18. Thanks for putting bulletins online. We really are trying to be greener! I agree with some of the other comments about opting out of print version.

  19. Yes, I agree. I would prefer to ONLY receive the electronic version. The print version can save a lot of money in the long run for the college. It’s all about going green!

  20. I really enjoyed The Digital Bard, and have shared the article with several friends who are Shakespeare addicts for giving to other generations for Christmas.

    Thank you,

    Lyn Kuper Tweedie ’59

  21. Thank you for going green! LIke other alumnae, I enjoy curling up in a comfy chair with the paper version, but am happy to join our progressive alumnae and substitute the iPad with the greater goal in mind.

  22. my primary reason for reading the magazine is to read the class notes – to learn about the lives of people I knew and people I did not know. as the electronic version does not include the class notes, it is pretty much of no use to me. i’ll stick with the print version, even if it is not “green” – but perhaps there could be some thought given to making the print version less glossy. it does not really need to be quite so pretty……
    anne grunert ’72

  23. I can’t figure out how to read it or find the sections I want! It would be much easier if the online version simply followed the print version

  24. Since I already have the paper copy, which is my preferred mode, I didn’t bother to go to the web version today, and, to keep my inbox smaller, will delete the email notice. But, reading some of the earliest comments (I’m not sure why you’ve left fully visible the full thread since 2011), I wonder if only one’s own class notes are visible. I do read many different classes’ notes so restriction to my own would not be appealing.

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