November 2014 Features

Knowledge, Innovation, Momentum

Kicking off Inauguration Weekend were a series of talks that featured faculty-student partners on topics that included health studies, biology, the history of art, and geology. Called KIM Talks, they were modeled after the TED Talk phenomenon that has taken the country by storm.

But KIM Talks focused on the convergence of Knowledge, Innovation, and Momentum, and as English Department Chair and KIM Talk Moderator Kate Thomas, they were all about content, about the speakers’ passion for their subject and their readiness to share this passion with others.”

In introducing the event, Thomas observed, “The root of the word ‘inaugurate’ means to take omens. And I think we can take it as the best of omens for this new presidency that I’m not introducing Kim to you today but am instead introducing the College and the work done here.”

The Bulletin has encapsulated each of the talks in the hopes that readers will catch some of the passion that makes Bryn Mawr, Bryn Mawr.

Curious to hear more? Listen to the KIM Talks.