June 2017 Articles

What I Know Now

Woman holding her vegan ice cream made of soy milk and vanilla – delicious!

When you first get 
to campus, try lots 
of new things. Go to an SGA meeting, attend the college news or Bi-Co info session, try out a 
few different clubs. They might not all stick, but what does might surprise you. So much of learning at Bryn Mawr 
happens outside 
of the classroom with your peers, 
and the people you meet will make a lasting impact.

Rachel Kutten ’13
Keep a journal. 
You think you’ll remember 
everything in 
the moment, but some events will become hazy even only a few years after graduation.

1) Believe in yourself! You can do anything! 2) A positive attitude is infectious. 3) Find something you are 
passionate about, then go after it. Do what makes you happy. 4) The path is sometimes long, rocky, and 
winding, but you’ll meet really wonderful people 
and experience really amazing things along the way. 
5) When you fall, get up again! 6) When in doubt, count on a bar of chocolate and a bowl of ice cream. 7) When you wake up every morning, ask yourself, “How am 
I going to make the world a better place today?”

Venita Datta ’82
Trust yourself. You are a very smart woman—that is why 
you are at Bryn Mawr College. Use your intelligence to learn all you can from professors, classmates, and those around you. I say this as a college professor and an alum.

Jo Karimurio ’09
A women’s college is a truly 
magical place. Not only will 
you discover the diversity of others, but you will find you 
are stronger and more capable 
than you imagine. Embrace the community you find yourself in, and you will have sisters for life.