August 2011 Articles

Generations… unite!

Bryn Mawr counts nearly 23,000 alumnae/i from the undergraduate college and graduate schools, ranging in age from 21 to 105. To engage this diverse community, the College is focusing on each generation. For recent graduates, the emphasis is on jobs and getting started in careers. For those in the “zoom zone”—building a career, raising a family, cementing marriages and partnerships—the goal is to provide broad-based support to navigate complex career paths. Once children are raised, there are new demands: changing careers, finding a reentry job, going back to school. Older Mawrters move into what Erik Erikson called the generative years; they want to leave a legacy and steward future generations.

But what is the thread that binds the generations together and creates the larger Bryn Mawr community?

The Bulletin faces a similar challenge. We want to appeal to each generation while presenting a cohesive magazine to all. There is tension between ages. Generally, older alums don’t want the Bulletin to go all tweety and splashy; younger ones don’t want staid, and they want it all online.

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—Abigail Trafford ’62, Guest Editor