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FitMawrter Facebook Group

With more than 200 members, the FitMawrter Facebook group provides a great venue for support and inspiration to make health and fitness a top priority. Recently, Cynthia Burr Ramsey ’92 issued a December Health Challenge to her fellow FitMawrters. The response was immediate and overwhelming—showing just how committed these women are. Here are posts from just a few of these smart, strong women. You can find the FitMawrters at


Cynthia Burr Ramsey

Mine is to keep up with planning for (and actually doing) an hour of physical activity for every day of December (knowing I’ll probably miss a couple of days, which is OK), and trying to eat two vegetables at lunch and dinner. My reward? Hmm… Still working on that. I’ll steal something from one of you folks.

November 30 at 10:52pm · Like · 9


Jennifer Castner

I’m sticking with my goal of going to barre thrice weekly plus at least two other days of at least 30 mins walk. Wish I were doing more, but hey, that’s not bad either.

November 30 at 10:58pm · Like · 13


Polly Kienle


November 30 at 11:02pm · Like · 3


Melissa Bristol Paolella

I need to settle down on eating. I have been on a bit of a bender for about a week and a half now, between carbo loading and Thanksgiving. Going to get back in my usual running groove, less mileage, and keep that up regardless of the weather and holiday obligations.

November 30 at 11:03pm · Like · 9


Polly Kienle

On the food side – get back to having a big bowl of crazy salad in the fridge at all times. The kids loved it; husband moaned that it took up too much room.

November 30 at 11:04pm · Like · 7


Lucinda Kerschensteiner

Love seeing this!! Woohoo! I am thinking too what mine will be.

What’s everyone’s reward / incentive for meeting their challenge?

November 30 at 11:22pm · Like · 1


Myoung Kang

My goals are to continue the Nov challenge (which could be hard given the holiday party season), control my eating at the parties, and eat a salad at least once a day. My reward will be new lululemons as my current one is getting old.

December 1 at 9:27am · Like · 7


Abigail Hornstein

Goals: 30+ min of cardio daily with 60+ on at least 2 days/week. Reward: enjoying vacation at end of month.

December 1 at 9:58am · Like · 5

Christy Allen Watkins

I’m going to try to get at least 30 minutes of exercise 5 days a week and get serious about MFP tracking.

December 1 at 12:46pm · Like · 7


Lucinda Kerschensteiner

You are all inspiring me!! I’m still pondering as I want to be realistic. I just made plans to be with family in Ohio for a week…. I’ll be lucky to get out for a couple walks or runs, eat fresh food, have decent sleep …

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Rita Hunt Smith

Ok. I’ll be renewing my November challenge of exercise for at least 30 minutes, 5x a week. Need lunch ideas. I’ve got a routine breakfast… but I don’t have a go-to lunch … See More

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