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Reading_VeilingWhat Is Veiling?
, Sahar Amer ’86, M.A. ’86, University of North Carolina Press 2014. Amer explains one of the most visible, controversial, and least understood emblems of Islam in terms of both its cultural and historical significance and its religious background and implications. Amer is professor of Arabic and Islamic studies at the University of Sydney.




On the BrinkOn the Brink: Israel and Palestine on the Eve of the 2014 Gaza Invasion, Alice Rothchild ’70, Just World Books 2014. This title collects blog posts written by physician, author, filmmaker, and longtime activist Rothchild during a fact-finding and solidarity visit to the West Bank and Israel in the pivotal last three weeks of June 2014. She has also published Broken Promises, Broken Dreams: Stories of Jewish and Palestinian Trauma and Resilience and filmed Voices Across the Divide.




Reading_TheApplicantsThe Applicants, Eden Feuer ’93 (co-written under the pen name Ari Morgan), CreateSpace 2014. Focusing on the lives of students attending private Pembrocton Prep and public Stockstill High, this satire of the competitive college admissions process lampoons the heights we scale—and the depths to which we sink—to get into the “right” college. Bryn Mawr is heavily featured.



Reading_LoveLove In Three Acts, Susan Crossett ’60, Author House 2014. The cellist in her grad school string quartet, Libby is excited at the prospect of an impending tour of Italy—and bewildered as she thinks of the young professor she will leave behind. The novel traces their fate through three reunions, three cities, and three chances for romance. Crossett is the author of Her Reason for Being and is a columnist for the Dunkirk, New York Observer.




 Critical Terms for the Study of Gender, Edited by Catharine R. Stimpson ’58 and Gilbert Herdt, University of Chicago Press 2014. The 21 essays collected in this book present the concept and history of individual terms employed in gender discussions, academically and otherwise. Stimpson is a university professor and dean emerita of the Graduate School of Arts and Science at New York University and a member of the advisory board for Bryn Mawr’s Albert M. Greenfield Digital Center for the History of Women’s Education.



Reading_ManagementManagement’s Fatal Flaw Performance Feedback, DeAnne Rosenberg ’61, Tate Publishing 2014. This book explores the necessity of coaching as a mechanism for managers to maximize their employees’ performance. Rosenberg has specialized in management education for 28 years.





Reading_DreamDream Haiku: Poems from Nights and Naps, Jon Petruschke M.S.S. ’02, Annie Books 2014. This selection of haiku was inspired by the author’s ventures into his subconscious during dreams. The haiku form, and its moments of contemplation and surprise, are a perfect fit for the dream world’s startling images, pieces of conversation, and emotional residues. Petruschke has published several pieces of short fiction and currently practices clinical social work in Portland, Maine.


Reading_forgetForget You Ever Knew Me, Judy Cobb Dailey ’70, Five Star Publishing 2014. Set in 1952, this is the story of Maggie Kendall, an aspiring medical professional.Under horrifying circumstances, she loses her family and her practice in Indiana and seeks refuge in Chicago only to return 40 years later to uncover the truth behind her loss. Dailey is also the author of Animal, Vegetable, Murder.




Reading_Wellspring A Wellspring for Wellness: Autoimmune and Related Diseases, Ellarea Maria Cole Stansbury M.S.S. ’73, Xlibris Publishing 2014. This book depicts the journey of a woman diagnosed with lupus, an autoimmune disease, and her 35-year journey toward achieving the best physical, emotional, and spiritual life despite her impending end. Stansbury is a social worker specializing in child abuse prevention and treatment in Maryland.



Reading_fashioningFashioning the Nineteenth Century: Habits of Being 3, Edited by Cristina Giorcelli M.A. ’63 and Paula Rabinowitz, University of Minnesota Press 2014. Third in a four-part series, this book focuses on the transformative period in an effort to show how certain items of apparel acquired the status of fashion and how fashion shifted from the realm of the elites into the emerging middle and working classes—and back. Giorcelli is professor of American literature at the University of Rome Three.



Reading_MakingThe Making of a Scientist, A Memoir, edited by Ann L. Fuller ’58, CreateSpace 2014. This memoir about the life and career of Dr. Calvin S. Fuller is also a rich cultural history of early 20th-century Chicago and documentation of the creation of the solar cell at Bell Telephone Laboratories. Ann Fuller, an affiliate scholar at Oberlin College, oversaw the publication of her father-in-law’s memoir.


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