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August 2011

From running a city like Las Vegas to fighting discrimination in medicine and taking care of grandchildren, Bryn Mawr alumnae have always been at the forefront of social change. In the museum world, graduates in art history play a leading role in shaping these institutions for the future. Give us your feedback on the online and print Bulletin. We’re experimenting with new ideas and new ways of communicating with all of you.

On the cover: Catharine H. Roehrig, M.A. ‘77, a curator in the department of Egyptian art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, stands among fragmentary statues representing the female pharoah Hatshepsut. Photo by Chris Smith.

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August 2012

Our cover story, “Shifting Gears,” about the issues women face in resuming careers after taking time off for family, was inspired by a workshop offered this past summer by the Alumnae Association for Mawrters grappling with this situation. As I sat in on sections of the program, I realized that although the coaching was very informative and motivational, the true spark came from alumnae simply talking to each other.

It is this spark that fuels the Bulletin, from the shared words of wisdom in “Shifting Gears,” to photos of joyful Mawrter reunions, to the exchange of ideas about how to train a new generation of women leaders in “Changing the Game.” And, as the redesigned web edition of the magazine enters its second year, I hope to see it grow as a digital forum where alumnae/i voices from around the globe share ideas, opinions, and experiences. From tips for Mawrters looking to jumpstart a second career to Reunion memories—start the conversation right here!  –Priya Ratneshwar, Editor

Cover photographs by Jim Roese, illustration by manoluv.

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August 2013

This July the College was caught up in a flurry of activity as it hosted the 2013 Women in Public Service Project Institute—an event that, among other milestones, brought former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton to campus as a keynote speaker. In gathering information for this month’s cover story, “The New Face of Leadership”, I had the privilege of talking to some of the people who made the Institute such a success.

I was most struck by the absolute commitment shown by faculty, students, staff, and alumnae to pulling off the herculean task of developing a two-week curriculum of leadership development for delegates from 35 countries. But after talking to some of these emerging women leaders from nations that recently experienced disruptive conflict, I could see why the Bryn Mawr community was so inspired. Their courage, conviction, and accomplishments in rebuilding peace and security in their homelands make a powerful argument for the College’s ongoing investment in global women’s advancement.

In her inaugural blog post, Interim President Kim Cassidy writes, “Over the past decade, public policy research has documented that when women have a ‘seat at the table’ in public service, whether at the local, regional, or national level, they support policies, laws, and practices that advance educational opportunity and health outcomes for all, and they pursue strategies to build peace rather than escalate violence.”

According to Clinton, colleges and universities can have more of an impact than government in advancing women in public service because they are not seen as having a political agenda or ulterior motive for their involvement. “It is hard,” Cassidy concludes, “to imagine a more compelling mission for a women’s college.”

—Priya Ratneshwar

On the cover: Portraits of six of the 43 delegates who attended the 2013 Women in Public Service Project Institute at Bryn Mawr College for two weeks of leadership development: (clockwise from top right) Nisan Ahmado from UAE/Syria, Agnes Igoye from Uganda, Azra Jafari from Afghanistan, Julijana Trajkovik from Macedonia, Carmen da Cruz from Timor-Leste, and Wanja Michuki ’96 from Kenya. Portraits by Greg Copeland.

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August 2014

In this issue: The Power of the Liberal Arts: at a new on-campus center, students connect to their future; Also, Reunion 2014 in pictures and fun facts, the fine art of negotiation and “From Kabul to campus.”

On the cover: During her Summer of Service internship, Bomi Hong ’17 worked at Kids Smiles, a nonprofit that brings quality dental care and education to underserved children in Philadelphia.

Photograph by Jim Roese.

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August 2015

In this issue: the Enid Cook ’31 Center opens and a new dorm rises on campus, Florence Goff looks at the history of African-American women at Bryn Mawr, and four newly minted alumnae set out to around the world. Plus, the Bulletin presents a gallery of photos from Reunion 2015.

On the Cover: Dorm Leaders Danielle Cadet ’16 and Khadijah Seay ’16 outside the Enid Cook ’31 Center.

Photograph by Kate McCann.

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August 2016

In this issue of the Alumnae Bulletin, we hear from Maggie Siff ’96, who has played opposite Jon Hamm, Paul Giamatti, and Damien Lewis. Plus alumnae share their Bryn Mawr memories, students and faculty hit the streets of Philadelphia, and Mawrters step up to support Mawrters.

On the cover: Maggie Siff ’96 as Rachel Menken with Jon Hamm as Don Draper in the first episode of the first season of Mad Men. Photograph by Craig Blankenhorn/AMC.


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February 2012

The current issue of the Alumnae Bulletin hosts the 2010-2011 Annual Report of the College. Download the PDF to read about an invigorated liberal arts curriculum; a profile of 2012 Rhodes Scholar Nina Cohen ’12; the College’s role in the Women in Public Service Project, a global initiative to empower women leaders; and more. If you haven’t had a chance to do so already, check out stories from the November 2011 issue below, and give us your feedback on the online and print Bulletin.


On the cover: This Quing Dynasty Chinese scroll, circa 18th century, is part of the large collection of Asian scrolls, books, and artifacts donated to Bryn Mawr by Helen Burwell Chapin ’15.

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February 2013

In this issue, the Bulletin hosts the 2011-2012 Annual Report of the College, edited by Associate Director/Publications Editor Robin Parks. Download the PDF to read stories from the past year at the College that bring to life The Plan for Bryn Mawr, the strategic vision for the College approved by the Board of Trustees in June 2012. Learn about Bryn Mawr’s cutting-edge accomplishments in the STEM fields, such as the College’s $1 million grant from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute for being a top producer of scientists; internships that connect liberal arts learning with contemporary career paths in fields ranging from theater and film to women’s health; and innovative new options for students to engage in international experiences. If you haven’t had a chance to do so already, check out stories from the November 2012 issue below, and give us your feedback on the online and print Bulletin.

On the cover: This image is part of a still from The Poetry Winner, an animation created by Philadelphia painter/animator Jennifer Levonian for Docu-Commencement, held last fall at Bryn Mawr College. The exhibition presented new works by four artists who participated in intensive residencies during 2012 Commencement weekend. Levonian, along with artists Kay Healy, James Johnson, and Gilbert Plantinga, worked with students and created pieces inspired by the Commencement experience. In The Poetry Winner, voiceovers by Bryn Mawr students, references to actual senior thesis titles, and imagery from Move-Out Day anchor in the real world Levonian’s depictions of fictional graduates. The short piece focuses on the winner of a college poetry award as she returns with her parents to her provincial hometown and a job in retail that she hates. “She’s changed,” Levonian states, “but things fall back into the routine of her old self.” But in the end, “the character is triumphant because she has chosen to identify as a poet and pursue a life devoted to art.” Images courtesy the artist and Fleisher/Ollman Gallery, Philadelphia.
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February 2014

In this issue: Jessica Todd Harper ’97 turns the lens on our most intimate relationships; Bryn Mawr President Kim Cassidy attends White House Summit on access; mutant worms reshape biology lab, and more. Give us your feedback on the online and print Bulletin.


Self Portrait with Nicholas (Lake), 2009

This self-portrait of photographer Jessica Todd Harper ’97 and her son will appear in a book of her work to be published by Damiani Editore this fall. Click here to find more images and learn the story behind their making.

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February 2015

In this issue: We talk with Kathy Luneau Simons ’74, who leads one of the country’s leading programs devoted to promoting work-life balance. Also, we report on the College’s yearlong, multidisciplinary examination of some of the most pressing issues of our time in its Dissent, Violence, Justice series.

On the Cover: Kathy Luneau Simons ’74, the director of MIT’s Work-Life Center. Read more…

Photograph by David H. Wells.

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February 2016

This issue of the Bulletin highlights the generosity of philanthropists Johanna “Nan” Alderfer Harris ’51 and her husband, William Harris (HC ’47), whose support helped make the Bi-Co Environmental Studies program a reality, as well as a sampling of alumnae and students working to address global environmental challenges; The College celebrates the 30th anniversary of the McBride Program; and a Bryn Mawr professor contemplates photography in the digital age.

On the cover: Isna Marifa Soedjatmoko Sjadzall ’85 in Indonesia.

Issue Cover

May 2011: Living in Beta

Like everything else reflected upon in this issue, this new web site for the Bulletin is also living in beta! Consider yourself to be part of our testing team, and give us your suggestions and feedback. We’ll be doing our best to refine features and fix bugs between now and the next issue!

On the cover: M. Carey Thomas gets a digital makeover by designer Suzanne Gaadt. Read more about the original Sargent portrait.

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May 2012

The Bulletin celebrates “trailblazing Mawrters” with features on the Class of ‘62’s experience of being a part of “The Fault Line Generation,” and alumnae anecdotes about going “Against the Tide.” Also in this issue: A. Heather Coyne ’94 talks about peacekeeping in Afghanistan; physics professor James Battat probes the mystery of dark matter; the College approaches the subject of sustainability with interdisciplinary curricular innovation; and more. We welcome your feedback on the online and print Bulletin.

Cover illustration by MHJ for

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May 2013

In her final column for the Bulletin, President Jane McAuliffe reflects on the College’s legacy, goals, and prospects for the future. She writes, “We are stewards of an extraordinary dream, an educational experiment in excellence that has transformed so many lives and promises to do the same for so many more to come.” Several of the stories in this issue testify to how Mawrters continue to live this “dream” out in the world by changing lives and making a difference on some of the most pressing issues of our time. Take, for example, cultural anthropologist Robin Reineke ’04, who identifies the bodies of migrants who died crossing the treacherous U.S.-Mexico border. Courses she took as an anthropology major helped inspire her groundbreaking—and heartbreaking—work on the front lines of the immigration debate. Or consider Jennifer L. Ho ’87, who is drawing on her major—in philosophy—as she fights homelessness as HUD’s new senior advisor for housing and services. Mawrters aren’t waiting until they’ve graduated to have an impact either, whether they’re inspiring novels or investigating crime scenes. Sometimes the world comes to Bryn Mawr, which is increasingly being recognized as an important voice in global women’s advancement. This summer, 50 emerging leaders from post-conflict countries will come to campus to participate in the Women in Public Service Institute. They, too, will partake in the “extraordinary dream,” gaining tools to promote peacebuilding and development around the globe. How has Bryn Mawr transformed you? We invite you to share your stories.

–Priya Ratneshwar, Editor

On the Cover:

Cultural anthropologist Robin Reineke ’04 works with Arizona’s Pima County Medical Examiner’s Office to identify some of the hundreds of migrants who have perished throughout the past decade in the Sonoran Desert bordering Mexico. Photo by John Stobbe.

Issue Cover

May 2014

Along with cherry blossoms and a much-needed respite from the past winter’s brutal cold and snow, this spring brings many exciting developments to the College, the foremost of which is the recent appointment of  Kim Cassidy as the 9th president of Bryn Mawr College. In the cover story, “A Leader for Us All,” you can learn more about how Cassidy draws on her experiences as a developmental psychologist, as well as a teacher and administrator, to shape her vision for the College.

Part of that vision has entailed advocating for more joy on campus, or, as Cassidy explains, “finding the good in what you’re doing and what you’re experiencing.” Many of the stories in this issue feature alumnae who have been doing just that, whether they are revitalizing decaying urban communities, writing poetry to explore the joys and sorrows of getting older, or simply resolving to live lives of fairness and honesty.

How do you find “the good in what you’re doing?” Share your stories here.


Bryn Mawr College President Kim Cassidy celebrates with members of the Class of 2014 during one of this spring’s Senior Dinners at Pen y Groes. Photo by Jim Roese.


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May 2015

In honor of Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s visit to campus, this issue celebrates Bryn Mawr Law: we profile just some of the many Mawrters working in the criminal justice system and at “Biglaw” firms, talk with two alumnae taking on one of the most challenging policy issues of our time, and collect our very own Bryn Mawr Law Library.

On the Cover: Students enrolled in the Coasts in Transition 360° took a deep dive into the waters off Belize over spring break. Read the full story and visit the online gallery.

Photograph by Tom Mozdzer.

Issue Cover

May 2016

In this issue of the Alumnae Bulletin, we hear from some young alumnae who are making music in the indie scene. Plus Elizabeth Mosier ’84 reflects on the traditions that make Bryn Mawr, and Alice Rivlin ’52 lays the odds for inclusive prosperity in the U.S.

On the cover: Michelle Zauner ’11, whose album Psychopomp with her band Japanese Breakfast has been hailed by the online music magazine Pitchfork as “cosmically huge and acutely personal.” Photograph by Kate McCann.

Issue Cover

November 2011

This issue of the Bulletin testifies to the many ways Mawrters bring empathy and excellence to their personal and professional lives—from 50 years of global service with the Peace Corps to the novel Posse scholarship program, which recently celebrated 10 years of redefining learning and leadership. Also in this issue, an alumna celebrates her recovery from a devastating bicycle accident and students speak out on war apathy and changing perceptions of Pakistan. Give us your feedback on the online and print Bulletin. The new editor, Priya Ratneshwar, looks forward to a new era of storytelling and communicating with all of you.

On the cover: Posse scholars Jen Rusk ’05 and Jackney Prioly ’06. Photo by Eleftherios Kostans.

Issue Cover

November 2012

As I write this letter, my first fall at Bryn Mawr is winding down. I have been amazed not only by the campus’ beauty but also by the fevered pace at which the Bryn Mawr community operates during this time of year. The entire nation was caught up in election fever in the past few months, and in “Dear Mr. President” we asked faculty and alumnae experts to look beyond the campaign with letters of advice on some of the most critical issues President Obama will have to tackle in the next four years. Of course, the students have returned. They worked tirelessly to get out the vote, and shared stories of busy summers that included Summer of Service internships and defying gravity in the name of science. The College kicked into high gear preparing for the arrival of Patti Smith, the recipient of the 2013 Katharine Hepburn Medal. Smith influenced generations of Mawrters, some of whom share their experiences with her music, writing, and art in our cover story, “The Night Belongs to Us.” From politics to Patti Smith, we invite you to share your thoughts, too.

–Priya Ratneshwar, Editor

On the cover: Patti Smith, 2007 ©Edward Mapplethorpe

Issue Cover

November 2013

On Sept. 28, members of the Bryn Mawr community filled Thomas Great Hall for an emotional memorial celebration of the life and legacy of Dean Karen Tidmarsh ’71. In “One Choice at a Time,” author Elizabeth Mosier ’84 examines Tidmarsh’s speeches delivered during her two-decade term as dean. Mosier writes that she found a font of wisdom about “how time shapes and motivates us, moves us and measures our experience and, finally, is lived one choice at a time.”

Throughout their lives, Mawrters embody Tidmarsh’s belief that time is best invested in “larger, less tangible, and more meaningful rewards than marks on a transcript.” “Ideas in Action” reports on six undergraduates who used their summer breaks to pursue internships in conservation, public health, sustainable farming, and other areas. And in “From Triangle to Tazreen,” you can learn about the work of artist and activist Robin Berson ’67 to promote workers’ rights in the U.S. and abroad.

Tidmarsh once told a group of parents, “We are proud of our alumnae who are living rich, satisfying, and much too full lives.” We hope this pride is evident in every issue of the Bulletin, and we encourage you to share more of your stories.

—Priya Ratneshwar

On the cover: Jacqueline Handy ’14 spent the summer interning at Ping Chong + Company, an experimental theater company that focuses on oral histories. Learn more about the internship experiences of Handy and other students in “Ideas in Action.” Photo by David H. Wells.

Issue Cover

November 2014

In this issue: Bryn Mawr celebrates the inauguration of its ninth president, Kimberly Wright Cassidy. Also, four students land summer internships with an LGBTQ focus and Linda Hill ’77 asks, “What fuels innovation?”

On the cover: She Can Do It! Bryce Lewis ’16 channels Rosie the Riveter as Bryn Mawr celebrates the inauguration of its ninth president. Read more!

Photograph by Kate McCann.


Issue Cover

November 2015

The issue is food as the Bulletin profiles alumnae working in different corners of the food industry, surveys Bryn Mawr’s food-to-classroom offerings, and talks with Mawrters focused on one of the most serious challenges of the 21st century–food security. Plus, Washington Post reporter Carol Leonnig ’87 wins a Pulitzer and Minneapolis mayor Betsy Hodges ’91 talks about building the 21st-century city.

On the cover: At the Westchester Land Trust, Kate Sann ’05 serves as a matchmaker between farmers and landowners.

Issue Cover

November 2016

In this issue of the Alumnae Bulletin, we celebrate the Defy Expectation campaign as we sit down for a conversation with Alumnae Association President Saskia Subramanian ’88, M.A. ’89, learn about the real magic of a women’s college from Joanna Pinto-Coelho ’09, hear about four Mawrters about what it means to give back.

On the cover: On September 16, students, faculty, and staff gathered to celebrate the start of the public phase of Defy Expectation, The Campaign for Bryn Mawr. The event transformed campus into a joyous carnival, complete with games and rides. At the face-painting booth, Taylor Milne ’17 got a campaign-themed makeover. Photograph by Jim Roese.

Issue Cover

Spring 2017

In this issue of the Bulletin, the art world social media sensation JiaJia Fei ’08 shares her thoughts on the art world and the power of digital storytelling and three Mellon Mays Fellows talk about their experiences at Bryn Mawr and beyond. Plus, we hear from Mawrters who attended a conference on living LGBTQIA+.

On the cover: JiaJia Fei ’08 is currently the director of digital at the Jewish Museum of New York. Photograph by Andy Boyle.

Issue Cover

Winter 2017

In this issue of The Bulletin, we celebrate firsts: the first STEM Posse, the country’s first self-governance association, a pair of first-generation Mawrters — and the first (print) issue of a new and improved Bulletin. (The website redesign is underway and will be launching later this year!) Shaped by the Alumnae Editorial Advisory Board, a survey or more than 4,000 alumnae/i, and a lively focus group, the new design pays tribute to the magazine’s rich history with a smaller size that echoes the original 1921 design and a font reminiscent of the letters sent by Betty Vermey in Admissions. Plus a new section we’re calling Discourse delivers more intellectual content and more alumnae/i voices.

On the cover: In 2012,  Bryn Mawr announced it would be hosting the first Posse created specifically to support women in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math. Today, 10 sophomores from the Boston area are studying hard at Bryn Mawr. Picture from left: Sophomores Paola Salas, Immaculate Chepkemoi Langat, and Connie Chan. Photograph by Jeff Wojtaszek.